My First Puppet Project Out of the Studio for 2020

New Studio Setup for 2020 - New Puppet Short! 

The first puppet project from my studio for 2020 is called The Creation of the Moon. It is an ancient Aztec creation myth. The story tells the tale of a young , Huachinog-vaneg, son of the man who created the sun, and his own accomplishment of creating the moon, at the request of his mother. For the Aztecs, the rabbit, helper to Huachinog-vaneg, is the creature they see in the moon (not a "man in the moon"). 

I was inspired to create this project as part of my CollabLab with the Rogue Artists Group with artists Rafi and Klee. I love the light of the full moon.  I adore the idea of getting to tell it's creation story through the eyes of some of my ancestors. And, I am so excited to tell the story through my favorite artistic medium, puppetry. I can’t say enough about the community that Rafi and Klee have built... If you are an artist looking for some like-minded peeps, I highly recommend the Rogues.

The first thing I am releasing today is just the trailer and snapshot of the project. I wanted to have the concept and a concept image for the CollabLab due date.

My plan is to shoot a style of shadow puppet short film that uses chromakey, digital/ practical special effects, and animated elements, along side more traditional paper cut-outs and puppetry. The short film will move between traditional rear-lit silk screen to paper cut-out performance matted out on greenscreen. I hope that overlapping the two will allow me to engage audiences in a rich and imaginative digital world, while at the same time honoring the beautiful traditional form if shadow puppets.

I hope that you enjoy imagining how this is going to turn out. I know that I am. I am working hard on creating the other puppets and the rest of the elements for the piece and look forward to releasing this very soon.

~ Ev

There is more about this great myth at Mexicolore. The music that is playing in this trailer is from a YouTube site with gorgeous, traditional Aztec Music   I highly recommend you go and listen to their playlists, if you are interested. a Additional animated elements are from Digital Juice.

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