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Major Awesome Creative Force


Founded one of the first global web/application development companies in the world in 1994. Led the firm's growth to hundreds of clients over a decade, including notables NTT/Verio, AT&T, Hughes-Raytheon, Disney, Kodak, and more. Over the two decades, has worked as co-founder, board member or mentor to variety of entrepreneurial, high-technology and market-making businesses centering around internet and software technology. Most recently, co-founder of software company focused on engagement in XR. Has led multiple raises including Series A and multiple Angel round and friends-and-family raises.


Incredible Artist and Magnificent Creative


A former Comic Shop Co-Owner, and past intern of comic publisher: Archaia Entertainment. He is the Creator, Writer, & Artist of the FREE comic: Scariest In Screamforth. A story about three kid monsters in a monster town trying to solve a dark mystery. Very Spooky-Cute! This story began as a creative exercise on 24 Hour Comic Day. Kent is also the Creator of the webseries Comic Review Puppet, which stars Kirby McStaples, an energetic puppet that posts about his favorite comics.

Kent and Kirby met in an alternate reality past life and discovered they both had a passion for recommending great stories. The webseries came about quickly afterward. Kent first started in podcasting by Co-Creating Comic Book Workshop with Jason Hammons. The show is about making comics, discussed with the top creators in the industry! Jason and Kent first met sitting next to each other in the front row of a Comics Coloring class in Los Angeles. They found that they were both equally frustrated with the lack of modern resources in the world about being a professional comic creator. Comic Book Workshop podcast was made in response. Laughing at comics isn't just a hobby for Kent, he's also the Co-Creator of Comics Out Loud, a parody webseries that pokes fun of classic comics while reading them with crazy voices. The show came to life instantly with C. Marcus Odden when Kent bought a gigantic, almost poster sized hardcover issue of Fantastic Four #48 from the 1960s. Each of them couldn't stop mocking or roasting the outdated writing, and somewhere in the chaos clicked a record button. Meanwhile... a sister show was about to be born... Similar to Comics Out Loud is Kent's second podcast: Bad Audiobooks. A parody series poking fun of novels & literature while reading them with ridiculous voices! Co-Created with Nick Mazmanian, the two future podcasters first met (perhaps by fate) as co-workers at a bookstore. Nearly a decade later, Nick & Kent now roll up their face sleeves each week and read like poorly trained circus animals. Kent lives and works in Orange County, California.


insanely Talented Artist and Master Wood Craftsman


Gabriel Mckeagney is a fifth-generation master craftsman who grew up in Tempo, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, where his family was coachbuilders. He now resides in San Juan Capistrano, California, where he works as an artist and furniture designer. During his career as a woodworker, Gabriel has worked in Ireland, England, New York, and San Francisco and has now settled into Southern California for over 20 years.  Having mastered the art of furniture design and manufacture, Gabriel now likes to build heirloom pieces that will be loved and cared for in the future.  His life practice and love of art, aesthetics, and design informs his work and further drives his original aesthetic.  He has long loved and understands the language of carving and drives it in his work, making it modern where necessary, but never shying away from an element in 3D or a carving deemed necessary to complete the overall aesthetic.